Lend a Helping Hand Outreach help foster children transition into independent young adults. We provide housing as well as mentorship to help build character. We make sure that every child that come into our program sets a goal for him/her self. We help that young adult reach their goal.

  • Providing a safe environment to foster/adopted young adult

  • With our supportive family help the child to succeed.

  • Building strong community around our children.

  • While being held accountable to their role in the community.

Our Core Value is building a community out of love, and shaping the minds of our community.

Our main goal is to provide a safe and clean environment for young adult to transition to, while he/she learn how to strive in life.

Our Vision:


Keep our children safe and off the streets living. Show them how to thrive and make it on their own after foster/adoption/ kinship care. Install hope and integrity into their mindset so they can blossom to their full potential. Providing them with the essential they need to get ready for adulthood. Such as:

  • Life skills

  • House keeping skills

  • Educations resource

  • Job resource

  • Nutrition skills

  • Healthcare

  • And so much more.  

Today’s Goals:

Lend helping hand Outreach (LAHHO) is in need of

  • land

  • apartments

  • hotel building

  • old school building

Sometime of building, so that we can expand our program.

Right now, we have two gentlemen in our program. Whom lives within our home, they need freedom to be on their own. To be on their own and not back living with someone.



To build up a community relationship are required.

  • Relationships with the children

  • Relationships among each other

  • Relationships with surrounding organizations

  • Relationships with business

We are trying to build as many relationships as possible, and get everyone involved. The more we can build relationships within the community the easier it will be to hold everyone accountable.  


We are here to teach the principles of life.

  • How to manage money.

  • How to pay bills.

  • How to grocery shop for yourself.

  • How to buy clothes for yourself.

  • How to cook and clean.


We are eager to partner with other programs and the community to help mentor, educate, and provide resource to these young men/women. We embrace innovation, which can improves the ability to find out what works and what doesn’t. This allows the community to jump on board and try out their ideas.  


LAHHO knows and understand that it takes a village to raise a kid. So we are asking that you jump in and help change a life.


Together we make a family

Someone we can laught, joke and cry with


How we got start

Celestine Chandler has been a foster parent since 2001, also mentored children 10 years prior to that. She has ten boys and three girls of her own. She says “I have been very fortunate to have a great group of children I have watched them grow to become very upstanding men and women.’ To Ms. Chandler her children are her world, she wants to shape and grow the mind of those that someone has put aside, encouraging them and build their confidence up.

Ms. Chandler discovered it’s a gap in most foster children lives that need to be filled. Which lead her to creating Lead a Helping Hand Outreach which is centered around foster children and helping them to adapt to the real world and discover who they are and what they would like to become. Ms. Chandler said “My Goal is to build up the community future leaders, future business owners, doctors, lawyers, engineers and etc.”

Study Group

How we make a difference

Throughout a child’s Journey as a foster child. Children begin to feel misplaced and unstable. Making it hard to trust anyone because one minute they are there and the next minute they are gone. Leaving children with abandonment issues that they carry with them throughout life.  Here at Lead a Helping Hand Outreach our job is to bring a stable living environment, one that they can actually belong to. We want to show them how it feels to have a family who loves them and care for their wellbeing.